Kitchen Design While utility takes priority, kitchens have changed from being purely functional and behind-the-scenes to being showcased as key design elements for residential spaces, so the design for the kitchen must be put in the context of the home’s other public spaces. Thoughtfulness on how to create a meaningful space in what has become the hub of the modern home is key to our design approach. Kitchens function in not only a utilitarian way they also serve as a social setting or at times as a work space. We work to incorporate the client's personal taste and budget while leveraging our considerable experience and skills.
Bathroom Design In addition to being functional and practical, bathrooms offer an opportunity for some interesting schemes and innovations. Generally smaller spaces and often lacking natural light, bathrooms tend to be the most minimally designed rooms. Our design philosophy is to bring a touch elegance or whimsy to give bathrooms a distinct personality. The interplay of different materials and layout gives texture and depth, while the use of unique elements provides character.
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