GREEN WALL Challenge The owner was interested in incorporating nature into the apartment. There was an area, close to the main entrance that lacked any window, since it was where the building abutted the adjacent structure. The idea of a green wall was considered. Low maintenance but aesthetically pleasing. The loft windows faced the rear elevation of the historic Old St Patrick's cathedral located in New York's Little Italy neighborhood. During the renovation of the apartment, we observed some interesting wooden pieces from the original stained glass windows of the nearby cathedral. The original wooden windows were being replaced. The exotic shapes and texture of the discarded church window sections proved to be the perfect shelving for a green wall. Specialized eco-friendly planters designed to hold up to two weeks of water in a reservoir make maintenance very simple. Low light plants and house friendly plants were carefully selected to give color, texture, height variations and some flowers. In addition to acting as "shelves" for the plants, the wooden structures added texture and help to incorporate the historic surrounding neighborhood into an otherwise modern apartment. TEAM | nusla design MAKERS | nusla design CLIENT | Private LOCATION | New York, NY TYPOLOGY | Green Wall
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