ABOUT NUSLA DESIGN Nusla design is a multi-disciplinary boutique design-build firm based in New York encompassing high-end residential, commercial and hospitality projects for both medium and small scales. Our architect-led-design-build approach together with our strong partnerships means we offer our clients the services they need for all phases of the project, including architectural design, engineering, permitting, construction, and interior design. We excel at projects that focus on seamlessly blending the preservation of historical elements with the integration of modern design and contemporary interventions.
ABOUT ALSUN KEOGH Alsún Keogh is an architectural designer working and living in New York City. She is the owner and principal of “nusla design”, a boutique architecture and design firm that specializes in combining historic preservation with contemporary design. Alsún was born in Dublin, Ireland the youngest of eight children; where she grew up in a uniquely Irish-speaking family. After graduating from U.C.D. with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, Alsún was chosen as one of several Irish graduates to live and work in Japan as a software engineer with Mitsui Corporation. Two years later having become fluent in Japanese Alsún was hired by Merrill Lynch and later by Deutsche Bank as a specialist in trading floor technology. In 1999, after eight years in Asia and several promotions later in the field of complex Derivative and Fixed Income trading technology, Alsún relocated to New York where she continued to work in Investment Banking and Business Development for several years. After some time away from Wall Street, and with her children a little older, she commenced a Masters in Architecture program at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In 2015, she graduated with distinction having completed her Masters of Science in Architecture specializing in Historic Preservation and immediately opened her own design and architecture firm, nusla design.
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